IMGuard™ provides a complete solution for the monitoring, capture and archiving of AIM, Yahoo Messenger, GoogleTalk, Windows Live Messenger & Skype chat messages sent from company-owned and company-sponsored mobile devices.  It records Instant Message conversations automatically and archives the data on TextGuard’s secured servers for monitoring, discovery and auditing purposes.  IMGuard provides a comprehensive auditing and reporting system to export captured IM conversations as XML or HTML for later (proactive or reactive) monitoring and analyzing of the employee’s conversations. Features include granular content filtering, and archiving of all conversations ensuring an audit trail for data leak prevention, compliance and eDiscovery for the organization.  Definition policies are customizable allowing administrators to monitor for specific words or phrases.

IMGuard presently works on Blackberry®, Windows Mobile® and Android® operating systems.

IMGuard™ Features

  • Message Capture and Instant Archival – All IM chat on company-issued or reimbursed smartphones (Blackberry, Windows Mobile and Android) is archived in an unwriteable, unerasable format, ensuring that no message tampering is possible; provides access to file backup features (calendar, contacts, etc.) to ensure data retrieval should a mobile device become inactive, lost or stolen.
  • Message Thread Rebuild – Conversation threads between users are automatically presented in chronological order (time and date stamped).
  • Search – Advanced search capabilities (keyword, phrase, date, internal/external, flagged, open, closed, reviewed, etc…) allows for quick and efficient retrieval of messages.  Immediately creates audit log files and records all search/query activity by the administrator. Results can be exported to multiple file types immediately or schedules. Filter records on many levels: internal, external, keyword, flagged, open, closed, etc…
  • Monitor & Alert Functions – Flag specific keywords or phrases in order to closely monitor high-risk employees, establish ethical walls between departments. Alert to changes to a mobile device’s date & time settings to notify of inaccuracies of date/time stamp on archived messages.
  • Audit Logs – All archive access is logged to guarantee integrity of data and to meet e-discovery legal requirements; in the event of an audit or legal discovery, the discovery manager logs any access and all records discovered. The discovery manager can give you:
    • An audit trail of any actions taken during an investigation.
    • Free text search for easier record retrieval.
    • Ability to save records in regards to an investigation.
    • Stop record deletion when records were accessed during an investigation.
  • Mobile Communication Compliance All IM chat carried out by your employees is 100% secure and guaranteed to be in compliance with SEC rules & regulations , FINRA rules & regulations, Federal Rules of Civil Procedure (for eDiscovery), Sarbanes-Oxley Act, HIPAA, NI 31-103 (Canada), FSA rules & regulations (UK), and MiFID (EC).
  • Comprehensive Reporting – Creates automatic reports to detail any flagged messages, unmapped devices or user history as defined by the company policy; IT administrators can also customize their own reports — Reporting is configurable and parameters fully customizable.
  • Message storage – Message archiving can be stored onsite or offsite, with ability to create mirrored storage and web access for authorized personnel.
  • Intelligent Uninstallation Protection – Provides resistance to employee’s removing the client application and provides intelligence that notifies company compliance administrators when the application is not in use.

  • System administration – System is actively monitored from archival level down to individual user.  Access to log files on all levels of the system for authorized users.

SaaS Model

IMGuard is provided on a software as-a-service (SaaS) basis, meaning that mission-critical data is hosted in TextGuard’s state-of-the-art data centers thus allowing enterprises to avoid large capital expenditures for infrastructure build-out. The outsourced model offers relief from having to provide support staff 24×7, 365 days a year and from having to make additional large capital outlays, and provides peace of mind in knowing that, in the event of a disaster, mission-critical data will be available.  Internal IT personnel can refocus on core competencies rather than wasting time and energy on archiving-related issues like storage, software, database management and server maintenance.  IMGuard support is available 24×7, 365 days a year, from the same architects of our proprietary software and services.

Integration into Existing Solutions

IMGuard can be implemented within days as a supplement or complement to your existing archiving and compliance solution.  With its diverse and growing customer base, IMGuard has integrated with a variety of leading electronic archival systems.  IMGuard also integrates with internal single sign-on capabilities.

For more information on IMGuard message capture and archiving solution, contact one of our sales representatives by calling 646.536.5559 ext 101