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MobileGuard | Unified Mobile Compliance

MobileGuard is the most experienced provider of mobile communication monitoring and archiving solutions for Android, iPhone, Windows and Blackberry devices. The solution suite ensures compliance with all relevant regulatory bodies such as FINRA, SEC 17-4, HIPAA, Dodd-Frank, FCA and Federal Rules of Civil Procedure. [Read More]

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SMS Archiving

100% effective solution for capturing and archiving SMS and MMS messages

Mobile Voice Recording

Capture and record voice conversations through preferred operator networks

Secure Messaging

SafeChat is a comprehensive and robust secure communication platform

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ControlMobile | Protect Your Family

With ControlMobile, your personal data is protected and your loved one’s can stay safe. Secure the mobile phones for you and your family, and enjoy peace of mind knowing that all text message communications are being monitored and archived for future reference.

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SMS Monitoring

Monitor and receive alerts for predefined words and phrases. Access the information from your computer for future search and review.

Search Capabilities

Search message Capabilities. Filter Keywords & Phrases. Phone log of incoming/outgoing numbers.

Works on Any Device

Depending on your carrier, ControlMobile works on any device to capture SMS messages.

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About MobileGuard

MobileGuard, is the leader in providing comprehensive mobile communication monitoring and archiving solutions to ensure regulatory compliance and risk management. [Read more]

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