By making the most of the advantages offered by mobile communication devices, your staff can work harder, smarter and faster than ever before. However, at the same time you have the responsibility of making sure that your company is operating within the compliance requirements set out by the regulatory bodies who oversee your industry.

In general, these regulations cover several key areas: ensuring that mobile communications are secure, archiving all messages for retrieval if required, and monitoring other employee communications. If these conditions are not met, it could mean serious consequences for your company. In the past, companies who have been found out of compliance have been fined anywhere from several thousand to millions of dollars.

TextGuard’s solutions enable your company to maintain efficiency using mobile technology while working within current regulatory environment and recently passed mobile mandates. With a TextGuard solution in place, all mobile communications are monitored and archived according to the policies and settings you define. This technology is easily upgradeable with new mobile communication compliance regulations when they arise.